Sunday, July 06, 2014

Trending Ignorance

Seeing this on my Facebook newsfeed raises several questions, presented here in no particular order.

Some of these seem snarky, and are meant to be. Others are genuine questions.

1. How is it possible that this is the top story two days in a row?
2. What does "officially" mean in this sentence?
3. Who the flip is Eric Johnson?
4. Does this post build the trend?
5. Is Jessica Simpson still considered newsworthy?
6. How does this trend above all of the current stories about women's rights, immigration, and wars?
7. How does this trend above the World Cup?

Regarding #3, it is OK if I never find this answer. Regarding #4, if the answer is YES, I apologize to Malala, Margaret Atwood, and the rest of the universe.

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