Saturday, November 19, 2011


Our family does a lot of blogging. Our dog, Perry the spirited minpin, helps. So much so that we decided to hop on the branding bandwagon and put her on all the blogs. As I write this, in fact, Perry is in her accustomed position, laying alongside me in the comfy chair, staying out of trouble and letting us think, read, and write.

Some of the blogs to which Perry contributes in ways great and small:
This one, Environmental Geography
"Library" Books
Celebrating the States
Una Nueva Receta Cada Semana
My Year of Reading "Year of Books"
The Bridgewaters Project
Paloma Helps
BSU Geography
BSU EarthView
Teaching Geography
First Parish Bridgewater
Meaning Not Dogma (no pun intended)
Wiley GeoDiscoveries
Bridgewater Center Neighborhood Association
Fair Trade BSU
Fair Trade Bridgewater
Help. Hope. Haiti.

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