Friday, July 19, 2013


The sole purpose of this post is to welcome home my sweetheart from her adventure on the prairie.

Neither of us has been to North Dakota, but she has now been north of North Dakota, presenting her cutting-edge research on information literacy at a conference in Saskatoon.

I arrived early at the airport, both to be sure I was on time and to enjoy some artificially cooled air on a record-breaking hot day, at the end of the third heat wave of this young summer. Through the wonders of Internet and wireless technologies (and by virtue of a decent battery in my Dell, for a change), I have been able to monitor the timing of her arrival.

By virtue of GPS technologies, I was able to see precisely where she was a few minutes ago, and to note that she had just passed over our home-away-from-home of Appleton, Wisconsin, which we will visit in just a few weeks.

Naturally, this image put me in mind of a song, known best to us by its Holly Cole Trio rendition.

Gratitude for an earlier-than-expected return goes to Our Friend, the Jet Stream.

Image: The Weather Channel
I guess I lied in the first line, adding a few other purposes. But the main one is still: Welcome Home, Pam!

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