Friday, June 21, 2013

Latin American Films

Schedule Revised as of June 25, 2013

During the summer session of my class on the Geography of Latin America, I will be showing films nearly every class day. It is a writing-intensive class, so students will be doing a lot of reading and writing outside of the meeting times, and I want to use the meeting times for something a little different. Since each session lasts almost four hours, I have time to show a film each time, and I am opening up the class to visitors who might be interested.

Each class lasts from 8 am to 11:45. To accommodate visitors, I will start each film at 8:30 or 9:00,  as indicated, using the rest of the class time for other activities. The class meets in the Conant Science & Mathematics Center, room 279 (that is in the wing behind Kelly Gym).

Please contact me directly with any questions, and either contact me directly or re-check this post before making a special trip to campus, in case I have had to modify the schedule.

Friday, July 12
9 am  
Tuesday, July 16
9 am
Friday, July 19
9 am
Evita 135m
Tuesday, July 23
9 am
Friday, July 26
9 am
Tuesday, July 30
8:30 am
Friday, August 2
9 am
Tuesday, August 6
9 am
Bus 174 120m
Friday, August 9
8:30 am
Santitos 101m

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