Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Imagine No Fracking

Some say that artists should not advocate controversial points of view. In my view, that is what artists are for, and Yoko Ono apparently agrees. John Lennon's widow and their son Sean took out the following ad in yesterday's New York Times. New York Governor Mario Cuomo recently announced that he has delayed a decision on the regulation of hydraulic fracturing until February. Yoko and Sean have joined with other Artists Against Fracking to encourage him to ban the practice.

John and I approve.

Sitting at the Imagine memorial in Havana, 2003


  1. This is so odd. Today, whilst listening to the TV news, I heard about the UK allowing fracking to be allowed to continue after it caused a minor earthquake in the UK. Then I came across your site tonight. I'm not sure what this fracking is all about but it seems to be an issue on our environment so I must try to find out more about this.
    If you or anyone else is able to break this 'fracking' down in laymen's terms to me, it would be great, otherwise I shall search the internet for more info.

  2. Your blog is very important talking about what happens to Mother Earth in these days! And... Havana, have been there one time many years ago:) I loved it! Thank you! Anna Karin

  3. Thanks for both of these comments. Rum-Punch, you can just search "fracking" on this blog to get a lot more of my thoughts plus links.


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