Saturday, December 18, 2010

Indiana Time

Followers of this blog may be aware that I have spent 2010 helping my wife Pam with her Celebrating the States blog. I have "helped" by cooking some of the food items involved (and eating most of them), watching most of the movies, and reading some of the books with her. I've also helped with a few blog entries throughout the year, most recently about Indiana.

Pam's entire project has been geographic, connecting blog readers with a deeply textured sense of place. A few of my entries pushed the geography connections a bit further. I'm particularly proud of my Indiana contribution focused on time zones, a supplement to Pam's main Indiana entry, which begins with her family connections to the Hoosier state. My understanding is that time zones in Indiana have been greatly simplified since we lived in neighboring Oxford, Ohio two decades ago; the story of its time zones is a great example of the complex interplay among federal, state, and local governance.

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