Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Palin: Bread & Circus

Who is more frightening?
Which one of these makes you angrier: Bristol Palin or Jeff Immelt? At least one Wisconsinite was incensed enough about Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars coup that he shot his television set. Palin used politics to steal the spotlight, Immelt is trying to steal $25,000,000 from Massachusetts taxpayers in broad daylight, and Joan Vennochi asks, "Where's the outrage?"

It is a classic example of Bread and Circus -- diversions that keep people focused on frivolities and meaningless scandals, leaving little attention for outrages that really matter. For those who missed the story, Jeff Immelt is CEO of General Electric (famous for river pollution). The company attempting to extort money from Massachusetts state government. If the protection money is paid, only 150 workers are likely to be laid off in GE's Massachusetts factories. If not, well, somebody could get hurt.

Guess which of these stories is more likely to impact fees for university students, hours at the local library, or the cost of property taxes.

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