Friday, October 29, 2010

Squeamish about Good Coffee?

In a report on the final week of campaigning for mid-term elections, Melissa Block indicates that candidate Tom Perriello was understandably squeamish about being seen purchasing a "fancy latte." He was buying it from a locally-owned business that promotes literacy and buys its coffee from roaster that supports -- to a considerable degree -- fair trading practices and sustainable economic development approaches in coffee-growing communities. That "fancy latte" has more potential to support working people than does more ordinary coffee.

If he should be squeamish about anything, it should be the bottled water he is carrying. More to the point, candidates think nothing of buying low-grade, commodity coffee in diners from coast-to-coast, most of which is grown by people living in poverty, sometimes at the very edge of survival. A cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee -- which promotes poverty and lines the pockets of investor Mitt Romney -- should get more negative attention.

By purchasing a quality latte, Rep. Perriello is supporting the economy of central Virginia and doing more to address illegal migration than all of the grand-standing and wall-building that his opponents can muster.

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  1. Great points...maybe you should send them to the two candidates in Virginia!


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