Thursday, May 13, 2010

Perfect vacation for a Latin Americanist foodie

This looks like a working vacation I could really enjoy! I use the word "working" only because I'm sure I would learn a lot of cultural geography visiting Chef Ana Garcia's La Villa Bonita culinary resort in Tepoztlan, Morelos. It is south of Mexico City, just a bit to the west of Puebla, where I spent a wonderful summer with my sweetheart and a group of students in 1989.

I am particularly fascinated with the idea of an entire week devoted to Como Agua para Chocolate. When we lived in Tucson, Pam took a class at our church, in which she learned how to make some of the dishes from the book/movie. We've tried them, and I can tell you that quail (or chicken) in rose petal sauce does indeed foster romance!

The skull candies shown on Chef Garcia's web site are the most beautiful example I've seen of something that I've grown to love about Mexico -- the playfully reverent references to the Dead, particularly during Dia de los Muertos. Of course, that is one of the other special culinary weeks at La Villa Bonita!

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