Friday, March 10, 2017

Coffee Care Slides

The quality of a cup of coffee depends on what has happened to the coffee from the moment a seed was selected and planted until that coffee was poured. A lot of my writing, learning, and teaching is about those first 40 or so steps, but the final ten steps or so also matter: we can show respect for the work of farmers by taking good care of the coffee they have provided. We can also enjoy a tastier cup, free of added cream and sugar, if we pay attention to freshness, roast, grind, brewing, and yes, even pouring.

My Coffee Care page points to some expert resources on the subject of coffee preparation; I offer about 20 slides (with annotations below) for some of what I have learned about getting the best cup I can from the coffees that come my way.

NOTE: I chose not to delete the first slide in this set -- my effort to grow coffee at home in 2012. It showed me just how difficult coffee cultivation really is. My farm did not last long.

  Coffee Care

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