Sunday, September 04, 2016

Generation M

In a recent BBC radio program exploring various current religious stories, I heard a very interesting interview with author Shelina Janmohamed, regarding her new book Generation M. (To hear the interview, go to the program and queue it to 13:00.) It is based on her study of Muslim young people throughout the world

Janmohamed concludes the interview by saying that her study of this generation leaves her with the feeling that "we all share a very optimistic collective future."

The book is available in the UK now, and will be available in the U.S. on November 30, at Amazon (of course) and local booksellers.


While searching the BBC web site for a separate audio clip of the interview (which I have not yet found), I encountered a 12-minute clip with a similar title. In Young Muslims (July 2015), journalist Edward Stourton interviews young people at an East London mosque, regarding then-Prime Minister Cameron's anti-extremism proposals.

Six months after that interview, PM Cameron allegedly described Muslim women as a "traditionally submissive" monolith with weak language skills. Janmohamed launched a Twitter campaign that revealed a very different reality.
One of many polyglots showing she is not #TraditionallySubmissive 

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