Thursday, July 02, 2015

Homeland Insecurity

I usually enjoy sharing maps, but I would rather not have to share this one.
Many justified the second war in Iraq with the mantra that it would be better to fight the terrorists "over there" than to fight them over here. I was never quite on board with that, since the people "over there" did not ask to be our arena. But now the terrorists really are "over here" and we need to step up to protect our fellow citizens.
The map clearly shows that these attacks are clustered in the South, but notice that they are points, representing a few or perhaps a few dozen individuals. I have been in the region enough to know that these terrorists do not speak for all of their neighbors. Such ilk never do.

Map: Recent fires at African-American churches in the South
Six predominantly black churches have caught on fire in the past two weeks. Where are they and what are officials saying?

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