Monday, June 08, 2015

Oh, The Places to Go

I created the map below for students in our geography program, as a way to encourage them to explore the many fascinating places in our region. Each marker represents a convenient and rewarding destination that can be enjoyed from Bridgewater in a single day or perhaps even a few hours. 

I created it following a conversation with a colleague -- Dr. Vernon Domingo -- with whom I travel frequently. He asserted that our students should never have a boring date, because they have plenty of interesting places to take someone.

We are fortunate that Bridgewater is situated in the middle of such a diverse region, with an extraordinary variety of ways to learn about physical, human, and historical geography. We offer just a few here. When visiting any of these sites, be sure to explore the neighborhoods that surround them as well.

Details about what each of these places has to offer are in the GeoDates post on our department blog.


Dr. Domingo and I have had the privilege of getting to know many local communities -- especially in eastern Massachusetts -- through our travels with EarthView. The map below is a snapshot of visits to date. See the dynamic map for more recent visits in Massachusetts and for visits outside the region.

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