Monday, June 30, 2014

Export Bias

The most recent post on this blog is a great story of peace-building from Uganda, involving an interfaith coffee cooperative that builds positive relationships among farmers from several traditions. Even as I wrote that, I was thinking about a much more negative and better-known story that I have written about before, in my 2010 Target Targeted and 2012 Bad Coffee House posts.

Those stories mention the U.S. roots of virulently homophobic laws in Uganda, which have actually become more brutal since I wrote those pieces. John Oliver has recently explained the political activities of U.S.-based hate groups in Uganda, and he has interviewed one of Uganda's bravest civil-rights activists. Warning: His approach is both humorous and profane, though none of his words are as profane as the reality for gay and transgender people in Uganda.

A second video includes a more extended interview with Pepe Julian Onziema:

After watching these, please return to the coffee story, both to raise your own spirits and to give you a chance to export some good will by importing some good music and coffee!

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