Friday, June 06, 2014

BAT Anomaly

Common Core is opposed from both the Left and the Right, leading many to assume it must be a good thing, or a toss-up. Opponents find common ground against CC and work together, but those on the Left have very different motivations and must sometimes part company. The founder of the leading anti-CC group had put it succinctly:

The BAT Anomaly
1. We oppose Common Core and fight for our unions to fight Common Core. We oppose it because it is undemocratic, expensive, discriminatory, undermines good teaching and learning and is a cash cow for powerful corporations.
2. We part company with other opponents of Common Core when they support charter schools, vouchers, school privatization, and attacks on collective bargaining.
3. Our opposition to Common Core is integral to our identity. But so is our opposition to School Closings, VAM, Charter School Favoritism, attacks on collective bargaining and teacher tenure, theft of teacher pensions and hiring of Teach for America temps over veteran union teachers.
~~ Professor Mark Niasson, Co-founder Badass Teachers Association

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