Monday, June 03, 2013

Artificial Leaf

Today I received a hopeful and poetic note from a student who studied the Geography of Environmental Problems with me this spring. He share a link that relates to several of the topics we discussed in class. He did so poetically, so I am posting his entire message here.

Dan Nocera, from Yahoo News

"Earlier this year, in an email to you I posed the possible image of a bleak future stemming from the/an energy crisis.  I remember writing that if we were to prevent or mitigate the issue humans would need a breakthrough in one of the fields of renewable energies.   Most estimates I read estimated that oil and natural gas will only last less than the next 100 years.  The blanket of despair seemed woven thick, but through it a needle has pierced and light shines through.  The link below shows a scientist who has an attractive looking possibility for a revolution in energy dependence.  Hopefully the direction gains momentum, and other scientists will develop better answers to the impending energy problem -- and like the article says, answers to the climate water and food issues." 

He refers to Carrie Halperin's ABC News article Chemist Hopes 'Artificial Leaf' Can Power Civilization Using Photosynthesis, which provides many interesting details.

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