Monday, May 21, 2012

Coffee Ports of Indonesia

Herewith, a preview of the Indonesia entry in my long-awaited book, The Geography of Coffee and Tea:

Indonesia is a country of many geographic superlatives. It has more islands than any other country --  something around 18,000 though nobody knows the exact number -- and more than 6,000 of these are inhabited. It has the fourth-largest human population, and since 88 percent of its people practice Islam and this is not the case among the other very large countries, it has the largest Muslim population, though it has a secular government.

Indonesia is also among the world's largest coffee producers, ranked number four behind Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia in most recent years. Because coffee is grown on so many different islands, it is exported through nine major ports, whereas most producing countries export from just one or two. Java and Sumatra are among the largest producers and among the largest islands in the world (Indonesia has four of the top fifteen), and so each has multiple ports.

I made a simple game for those who wish to join me in learning where these ports are. Notice that the islands of Papua, Flores, Bali, and Borneo -- all of which grow coffee -- have no formal ports. Coffee from these islands must be taken to a port by boat! (If you do not know where those islands are, give the Indonesia islands and seas puzzle a try; I take no credit for that one.)

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