Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Farmer Gateway

Fortunately, this bit of satire relates to a very real and positive trend. I am very encouraged by the attention young people are paying to their food. The twentieth century saw a decrease of roughly 90 percent in the proportion of our population actively producing food. This has correlated with a rapid expansion in the proportion of people working in "food service," which often involves handing a bag of food-like substance to a customer through a car window.

The spoof is part of the quirky Face Your Farmer project, which aims to connect urban Canadians with their food sources, all while having a bit of fun. The Infinity and Beyond video is a perfect example, set to the tune of Green Acres -- a clever allusion that will actually be lost on some younger viewers. In case you missed this bit of 1960s television, here is the original theme song, featuring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor

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