Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Coffee Addiction

(Warning: This post links to a site that is unduly laden with advertising, but perhaps still worthwhile.)
Boise is described as a coffee-crazed town;
too bad my only visit there predates my own obsession!
Without cable (or broadcast) television, I miss a lot of programs. Honestly, I do not miss most of what I miss. Fortunately, people who know that I am blissfully isolated in this way look out for me, especially whenever they encounter a program related to coffee. For this I am grateful, most recently to my mother, who alerted me to the NBC (or CNBC -- I don't know the difference) program Coffee Addiction. Apparently it is some sort of occasional series, and as I prepare for my next coffee adventure in a few hours, I do not have time to run down all of its threads.

The show includes several interviews with leaders of major companies and several interesting slideshows, such as one highlighting some cities with great coffee scenes (west of the Mississippi, that is). Overall, the series seems to touch on many of the coffee topics I have been writing and speaking about for a few years ... even including coffee's sexy side. More important than the cafes or even the health issues, it is encouraging, to see a major media outlet grappling with the sustainability and ethics of coffee production and trade.

I am also encourage that my colleagues at Vanderbilt's Institute for Coffee Studies were consulted, and a link is provided on the program's main site, along with the corporate links and a plethora of ads. Many segments of the program are available on Zomobo.

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