Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Back to Nicaragua -- Day 1 arrival

As I mentioned previously, I am leading my sixth study tour to Nicaragua, entitled Geography of Coffee. From the first day we have just a brief report: everyone arrived in good spirits despite bone-chilling temperatures at departure and a few ticketing issues. This is a curious, energetic group with a high quotient of geographers! The first day of the trip involves meeting our guides and getting oriented to the idea of using geography to learn about coffee, and coffee to learn about geography. On the first two days, we see no actually coffee cultivation, but we are learning a lot of the fundamentals of physical and human geography that will come into play.

Our marvelous tour operator -- Matagalpa Tours -- works very well with the learning goals and learning approach that I encourage. The company also chooses a good balance of authentic, simple foods (such as we had for lunch) and a few tastes of the haute cuisine that is available in some spots. For our first evening's dinner together, we enjoyed the fare at the cleverly named Cocinartes.

Keep checking this blog and the 2012 trip web page for more news about our travels, but do not worry if we stop posting for a few days. We will be going "off the grid" early next week!

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