Monday, October 03, 2011

Mother Earth

Fuller Craft Museum is one of the jewels of our neighboring city of Brockton. When our daughter was younger, we were members and visited frequently. It surely was part of what made her the great artist she is today, though it failed to have a similar effect on me! It has, however, deepened my appreciation for art and craft, while making me less certain of the difference -- if any -- between the two!

The museum is very active, with several new exhibits at any one time, and frequent additions to the permanent collection from these exhibits. One excellent case in point is Seated Lady by "Junk Sculptor" Leo Sewell. This diminutive adult female is an arresting figure composed entirely of found metal and plastic objects. She sits near the museum entrance, welcoming each visitor to the visual feast that the museum as a whole has to offer.

As a geographer, I could not help but notice the creative use of a small globe -- and wonder whether the scale of the entire sculpture was to some extent determined by the availability of a globe just this size. The Southern Hemisphere is in pleasing proportion to the entire 51-inch figure. The Northern figure is, ahem, less clearly visible in her seated position.

See Leo Sewell's site for more amazing sculptures!

And if you are in the Brockton area, please visit the Fuller Craft Museum -- they are very nice and value teachers more than those big museums in Boston. Fuller Craft has reasonable admission costs, which are waived for MTA members. And after you visit the museum, have a stroll or drive through the D.W. Field Park, one of Brockton's other treasures!

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