Sunday, May 22, 2011

Leader Timeline

This montage represents the overlap between the terms of Cuban President Fidel Castro and the terms of U.S. presidents. I posted it on my Cuba page as a critique of the faith our successive leaders placed in the futile policy of economic isolation as a way to promote regime change in the island nation. (I need to update the page now that the U.S. leadership has definitely changed hands and Cuban leadership probably has.)

I was reminded of this when my friend Wing-kai shared a link to a fascinating chart posted by New York Times writer Ben Schott. Entitled "All the World's a Stage," the chart displays the terms of every U.S. president since Jimmy Carter alongside those of the leaders of about three dozen other countries. Some countries have changed leadership not at all since I was in high school, while others have changed leaders as nearly as often as Billboard Top 40 hits.

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