Tuesday, March 01, 2011

FoodCorps Futures

Because I posted a rather unpleasant video this morning, I decided to compensate by sharing something much more positive this evening. Through a fellow parent at my daughter's school, I just learned of FoodCorps, a project of AmeriCorps. The program is starting to recruit young adults to work on critical issues of sustainability, nutrition, and local development. It is bringing together a number of interesting partners, including King Corn co-creator Curt Ellis. According to Paula Crossfield's introduction to the new program, this approach might succeed where others have not, because of a substantial Congressional commitment to AmeriCorps itself.

I have seen the value of AmeriCorps for some of my finest graduates and for the country as a whole. Seeing this video brings to mind many of the great young people I work with currently, who are perfectly suited to this important and rewarding work.

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