Thursday, December 30, 2010

States Wrap-up

Throughout 2010, followers of this blog will have noticed occasional links to Celebrating the States, a year-long blog project that was the brain-child of my favorite librarian, Pam Hayes-Bohanan.

I contributed to the celebration of each state, usually by sharing food and watching the movies. I also read (or had read to me) some of the 50-plus books Pam read as part of the project. Where I had something specific to contribute as a geographer, I did "guest blog" entries. We concluded the project yesterday, with the state that happens to come last in the year, our once-home state of Texas. Each of us wrote a lengthy entry, both with their share of geographic insights, and I recommend both of them to followers of this blog.

Visit the blog at least one more time after tomorrow, to see Pam's wrap-up reflections and to find a link to her next blog project!

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