Wednesday, December 08, 2010

30 Years Ago Today

Fittingly, it was the BBC that reminded me of the news we learned thirty years ago today. Reporter Tom Brook revisited the night that he learned of the death of John Lennon. See the BBC search page for many more tribute. Of course, I am also looking forward to Tom Ashbrook's discussion of Politics, Pop, and Power today On Point.

This photo of me with John's statue in Havana is a reminder of the worldwide impact of his music and his message. Even if it seems that the Cuban state is coopting his legacy, the statue is a reminder that divisions of nationality can be needlessly destructive. Geographers are known for knowing our countries and capitals, but this geographer cannot help but "imagine there's no countries."

I have heard several British commentators express their ongoing dismay of the ready availability of handguns in the United States. Of course Mark David Chapman is responsible for his crime, as are those who have killed close to one million Americans since Lennon's murder, but our society's guns-at-any-cost mentality has a cost that may be too high.

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  1. John's spirit is alive and well. A great musician and an activist for social justice - blending them in a cool way. And John was never afraid of change, in fact he welcomed it - in his music and in his life.
    His example and message resonates 30 years later.
    We miss you John, but we'll carry on.


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