Monday, October 18, 2010

Autum Homage in Need of Geography Lesson

The October 17 Pickles comic is a delightful homage to autumn, and a geographic teachable moment.

The grandfather character waxes poetic about fall, revealing that cartoonist Brian Crane shares my love of te season. Throughout the autumn, we enjoy the crisp days, cool nights, and marvelous colors, both in our little corner of New England and on the many day and weekend outings we pursue throughout the region. A real autumn is something we missed when living in the Southwest!
Of course, autumn is brief, with several months of alternating cold and wet weather headed our way, as our little spot between Boston and Cape Cod always seems to be on the snow/rain line, famous for a "wintry mix" that resembles a perpetually falling Slurpee(TM).

So the grandfather in the strip shares an autumnal fantasy, borrowed from the 1966 surfer movie: he wants to travel the world in search of endless autumn, just as Bruce Brown's surfers traveled the globe, following summer.

The problem is that although Brown was correct that it is always summer some place, the same is not true for autumn. Today's post poses a question, rather than an answer: what is the difference? Why could this grandpa not find autumn year-round, even if he had unlimited funds for travel? How close could he come to his dream? That is, where would he go each month to maximize the autumn experience? (Use the comment link to respond.)

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