Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mt. St. Helen's Turns 30

Thirty years ago this week, Mt. St. Helen's blew its top -- certainly the most important eruption in the United States in my lifetime. We enjoyed a visit there in the early nineties, and I can highly recommend the US Forest Service interpretive center there, as well as the experience of seeing the landscape change that is still quite remarkable.

Mt. St. Helen' is featured in the May 2010 National Geographic, from which I learned that nearby Spirit Lake still has at least 200 acres of tree trunks floating in it. In the image below, they are covered with snow. If you click the link below in order to zoom in on the lake, you may see something truly phenomenal: all of those floating trees move from one side of the lake to the other with prevailing winds.

View Larger Map

My wife Pamela remembered to play the Billy Jonas song to commemorate the occasion. It is accompanies the Mt. St. Helen's slideshow below. Sadly, there is no video of Pam's interpretive dance.

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