Monday, May 24, 2010

Damage lives on from 1969 Cape oil spill

Although BP promised to pay all "reasonable" costs of its 2010 spill, an Alaska Senator is acting to absolve the company of all costs beyond the first $75,000,000. Since the costs are already over $600,000,000 and the spill is ongoing, this could add up to real money.

Even if the gusher were to be capped tomorrow -- which nobody is even suggesting -- the damage would continue for years, if not decades. As the Boston Globe recently reported, damage is still evident from a spill that occurred on the southwest coast of Cape Cod in 1969!

Previously, I posted some maps from NOAA and the response team. The Perry-Castañeda Map Collection at the University of Texas provides a wider array of map sources, including Louisiana state government, which is hosting interactive trajectory maps. By the way, the  Perry-Castañeda librarians can always be relied upon for links to maps related to current events.

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