Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Climate Change on Science Friday

Talk of the Nation is a weekday call-in radio program hosted by Neal Conan. It covers everything from politics to the arts. On Fridays, the show focuses on science, to such an extent that the Science Friday has taken on a life of its own. Science Friday is hosted by Ira Flatow, who recorded his first radio program about science forty years ago -- a college radio production on the original Earth Day.

Flatow's interests in science are wide-ranging, from documenting the human impact on the environment and innovative remedies, to medical ethics and genetics, to simply pondering the marvels of the universe.

His program archives include many stories about climate change, including the following:

Climate Change and Tropical Habitats

Tracking Climate Change through the National Phenology Project

The Earth Day 2005 Climate Change Update includes several interesting stories as well.

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