Sunday, January 03, 2010

Georgia on Our Mind

My wife Pam, the professional librarian and avocational geographer, has yet another ambitious blogging project, which will involve the whole family. Over the course of this year, Pam is celebrating each of the 50 U.S. states on the anniversary of its admission to the Union.

First up was Georgia, which was admitted on January 2, 1788. Read all about our meal, the movie we watched, and the book Pam read. That's right -- Munchies, Movies and Manuscripts for each. (See my own Georgia Counties page for a bit more information about our travels there.)

Tonight I'm looking forward to an Alaskan meal before my departure for Nicaragua. I look forward to reading what Pam has to say of the Alaska movie we watched -- which at least tripled our lifetime hockey viewing.

Sadly, although I was born in the continental United States, my birth place is not going to be included, as it is not yet a state.


  1. James-
    Washington is included! Check the list of dates!

  2. Doh! Thank you for including it; let's hope it gets admitted some day. Seems we had a little dust-up over taxation without representation almost two and half centuries ago, but DC is still no better off!


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