Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Small Farmers, Big Change

“Food for the earth, food for the animals, and food for humans. All three are very important and they are all connected.”
~~ Don Roberto Motato, ASPROCAFE, Colombia

One of the biggest challenges facing organic farmers is that the premium paid for organic products often does not compensate for the extra labor required or the lower yields. Even when retail and wholesale customers are paying a premium price, organic farming remains a labor of love.

Recognizing the benefits of helping organic farmers to improve their yields, fair-trade cooperative Equal Exchange (a neighbor of mine in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts) has partnered with Lutheran World Relief to support an agro-ecological project in Caldas, Colombia. The project will help members of the ASPROCAFE to improve yields and food security through a systemic approach to land management.

I am hoping to meet some of the cooperative members who are involved in this project when they come to our area later this year.

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