Thursday, January 01, 2009

Coffee Hell

This is my own page about a local company that has become one of my least favorite. Dunkin Donuts has given lip service to fair trade and quality coffee, but has really done next to nothing to help farmers. It is a successful brand with incredible loyalty in its home region, though: my small town has eight places to buy the stuff, and it is impossible to go to a Saturday morning gathering of any kind without finding that a lot of people have stopped at DD on the way.

All of this was gradually growing as an annoyance for me until the early summer of 2008, when the company pushed me over the proverbial edge by caving in to a xenophobic attack on one of its marketing campaigns. I tried communicating with the company directly, but the corporate response actually deepened my concern, so I created this page: COFFEE HELL. And as prolific as the brand is, I have managed to avoid it ever since.

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